September 15, 2022

Lottery Sambad Today – Check Today Lottery Sambad Result

Today Sambad lottery is one of the official and trusted Sambad lottery site from where you will be able to check the official result of today lottery Sambad. Lottery Sambad today result is published on everyday basis so you all have to check your result on the lottery Sambad today official website in the official website you will be also able to check various other lottery result .

Lottery Sambad Results


Lottery Sambad (লটারি সংবাদ) result today September 16 2023. Click on the link above to Download and view lotterysambad result online. sambad today lottery result online PDF. Check daily Lottery Sambad Result 11:55 AM, 4:00 PM and 8:00 PM. As you now lottery sambad draw held 3 times a daw once at 11:55 AM Second time 4PM and 3rd Time 8PM. So you can check three times Lottery sambad result online. To check Lottery Sambad Result 3 Times a day click on the given below links.

Lottery Sambad Today

11:55 AM

4:00 PM

08:00 PM


Lottery Sambad (লটারি সংবাদ) Today Result

Lottery Sambad 2023-2024 year may be one of the most lucky one year for you. Buy your ticket and try your luck to won the lottery. As you know there are many prizes and lucky draw held on daily basis. Stay tuned to check and download Lottery Sambad 2023-2024 results over here.

11:55 AM Draw Schedule & Names

Days Draw Names
Friday Dear Valuable Morning
Thursday Dear Love Morning
Wednesday Dear Respect Morning
Tuesday Dear Admire Morning
Monday Dear Cherished Morning
Sunday Dear Precious Morning
Saturday Dear Treasure Morning

04:00 PM Draw Schedule & Names

Days Draw Names
Friday Dear Bangashree Damodar
Thursday Dear Bangashree Ichamati
Wednesday Dear Bangalakshmi Teesta
Tuesday Dear Bangalakshmi Torsha
Monday Dear Bangalakshmi Raidak
Sunday Dear Bangabhumi Bhagirathi
Saturday Dear Bangabhumi Ajay

08:00 PM Draw Schedule & Names

Days Draw Names
Friday Dear Ostrich Evening
Thursday Dear Hawk Evening
Wednesday Dear Flamingo Evening
Tuesday Dear Parrot Evening
Monday Dear Eagle Evening
Sunday Dear Falcon Evening
Saturday Dear Vulture Evening

Kerala Lottery Result Today

Kerala lottery is one of the most famous and popular lottery of India. Kerala lottery is being regulated by the Govt of Kerala since 52 years. This lottery system was introduced to eradicate the poverty as well as to cope up with the unemployment. By introducing this lottery system the Govt of Kerala attained dramatically economic stability. Funds has been raised by the Govt and there was great support to those who won lottery on the daily basis. Kerala lottery Result announced by the officials on the daily basis at 4:00 PM. Lottery schedule has been updated below.

Kerala Lottery Schedule

Days Draw Names
Monday Win-Win
Tuesday Dhanasree
Wednesday Akshaya
Thursday Karunya Plus
Friday Bhagyanidhi
Saturday Karunya
Sunday Pournami

Today Sambad Lottery

Download लाटरी सम्बाद Live Free 11 am, 4 pm, 8 pm (PDF)

Sikkim state lotteries result today (सिक्किम राज्य लॉटरी परिणाम)

Sikkim lottery result today. Click on the link above to Download and view Sikkim lottery result online. Sikkim today lottery result PDF online. Sikkim lottery result also updated here on this site.

Nagaland state lottery result today (नागालैंड राज्य लॉटरी परिणाम)

Nagaland lottery result today. Click on the link above to Download and view Nagaland state lotteries result online. Nagaland today lottery result pdf file online. You may check nagaland state lottery morning 2023 here online. Stay connected with us to check daily Nagaland state lottery result of the day. Check all Sambad Lottery Result right over here.

West bengal state lottery (पश्चिम बंगाल राज्य लॉटरी परिणाम)

Check here west Bengal state lottery sambad today result 4:00 PM online. West bengal old as well as today lottery draw result will be updated here on this page. Stay connected with us to check and download west bengal lottery draw result online. West Bengal lottery is one of the most and popular lottery around the globe. Keep visiting our site to check west bengal lottery draw result of the day. We also update you here with the new bumper prizes.

Mizoram state lottery result today

Mizoram lottery result today. Click on the link above to Download and view Mizoram lottery result online. Mizoram today lottery result pdf file online. Get PDF file Lottery Sambad Today result. Click on the given tab in the menu bar to download Sambad lottery today result, yesterday result as well as old results. Mizoram Lottery Result will be updated here as per schedule. Updated

Sikkim State Lottery Result

You can check your sikkim lottery result. Just Click on the above link to get your sikkim state today result. Sikkim lottery result updated on the daily basis.

Nagaland State Lottery Result

You can also get download Nagaland state lottery result here as well. Nagaland lottery result will be updated on the daily basis. Stay with us to view and download your all lotteries results.

Mizoram Lottery Result

Mizoram state lottery result will also be updated here on this page. Stay connected with us to get download Mizoram lottery result of the day. Mizoram lottery result provided you in the PDF format as well as you can view it on this page.

Sambad Lottery Result Today

Sambad lottery is very famous and popular lottery of India. Everyday you can get three times lottery draw results here on this page. The result schedule is given you below.
  • today lottery sambad 11:55 AM
  • today lottery sambad 4PM
  • today lottery sambad result 8PM
Sambad lottery is also popular in the west bengal and kolkata. You can get sambad lottery chart.

Lottery Sambad (লটারি সংবাদ) Mobile App:

Those who are regular customer of Lottery sambad. They can just get download and install lottery sambad app in their mobile phones. Get read lottery Sambad Newspaper with us.

Lottery Sambad Types:

There are many types of lottery sambad. But you can get all sambad lottery results here as well.
  • lottery sambad bhutan
  • Nagaland State Lottery
  • west bengal state lottery
  • lottery sambad 2023
  • lottery sambad banga bhumi super
  • lottery sambad bangla
  • lottery sambad bengali
  • lottery sambad bumper
  • lottery sambad bangalakshmi lottery
  • lottery sambad bangasree super
  • lottery sambad bengali newspaper
  • lottery sambad west bengal
  • lottery sambad newspaper
  • lottery sambad dear honour
  • lottery sambad dear affectionate
  • lottery sambad dear gentle
  • lottery sambad dear fortune
  • lottery sambad dear tender
  • lottery sambad dear luck
  • lottery sambad dear chance
  • lottery sambad dear success
  • lottery sambad dear kind
  • lottery sambad dear falcon
  • lottery sambad singam Zeal
  • lottery sambad singam Tough
  • lottery sambad singam Great
  • lottery sambad singam Vigor
  • lottery sambad singam Delight
  • lottery sambad singam Energy
For the more information you are seeking as regards of the lottery sambad you can contact us through submitting us contact form. Contact form has been provided to you. Recommend us more technical improvements regarding website.

Lottery Sambad Result

Lottery Sambad today all of the result has been updated here on this page. All result has been updated here on this one single page for the day September 16.9.2023. All of you may check lottery sambad result online. You may check old results, bumper results, daily results and lottery sambad news. Updated

Nagaland State Lottery Today 1:00 PM

Lottery Sambad Today Result is here. And now you can check and download the PDF of the lottery Sambad today result. So, check the Sikkim state lottery sambad result at 11:55 am, West Bengal state lottery sambad at 04:00 pm, and the Nagaland state lottery sambad night result at 08:00 pm daily on this official lottery sambad website.You can also download black original satta king lottery 786 for various places of delhi, up, bihar, kolkata, mumbai and more.

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Lottery Sambad Today Result 11:55 AM, 4 PM & 8 PM

Lottery Sambad Result January

Dear Lottery Sambad Result Today

Download the dear lottery sambad result today here. You can check the all three lottery sambad results given below.

  • Lottery Sambad Result 11:55 am
  • Lottery Sambad Result 4:00 pm
  • Lottery Sambad Result 8:00 pm
Lottery Name Lottery Sambad
First Draw Time/Morning 11:55 AM
Second Draw Time/Day 4 PM
Third Draw Time/Evening 8 PM
Result Announcement Published/Pending
Draw Result Issue States Sikkim State, West Bengal State, Nagaland State
Check Result at

Nagaland State Lottery Sambad Result 08:00 PM Night Draw

Well as you know its 8:00 Pm and this is the time for the Nagaland state lottery Sambad result. Nagaland State Lottery Sambad result is now published above by Indian Govt. Go and check the result first and check how much you have won today with Sambad Nagaland.

Lottery Name Draw Day
Dear Eagle Evening Lottery Sambad Monday
Dear Parrot Evening Lottery Sambad Tuesday
Dear Flamingo Evening Lottery Sambad Wednesday
Dear Hawk Evening Lottery Sambad Thursday
Dear Banga shree Damodar Lottery Sambad Friday
Dear Vulture Evening Lottery Sambad Saturday
Dear Falcon Evening Lottery Sambad Sunday

Sikkim State Lottery Sambad Results 11:55 AM Draw 2023-2024

Sikkim state lottery is the first result of Lottery Sambad and it is always announced at 11:55 am on this site by Indian Government and now it is the time for morning lotteries Sambad result. Today morning Sikkim lottery sambad has been announced and you can now download the lottery sambad result here.

Sikkim State Lottery Names Sikkim State Draw Day
Dear Cherished Morning Lottery Sambad Monday
Dear Admire Morning Lottery Sambad Tuesday
Dear Respect Morning Lottery Sambad Wednesday
Dear Love Morning Lottery Sambad Thursday
Dear Valuable Morning Lottery Sambad Friday
Dear Treasure Morning Lottery Sambad Saturday
Dear Precious Morning Lottery Sambad Sunday

West Bengal State Lottery 04:00 PM Draw Results (2023-2024)

Good evening players, West Bengal state lottery Sambad is now available to check and even direct download from here. It’s time for the West Bengal state lotteries at 4 pm. Today evening lottery Samabd is now published and winners are announced already on the basis of lottery sambad ticket number.

Lottery Name Draw Day
Dear Banga lakshmi Raidak Lottery Sambad Monday
Dear Banga lakshmi Torsha Lottery Sambad Tuesday
Dear Banga lakshmi Teesta Lottery Sambad Wednesday
Dear Banga shree Ichamati Lottery Sambad Thursday
Dear Banga shree Damodar Lottery Sambad Friday
Dear Banga bhumi Ajay Lottery Sambad Saturday
Dear Banga bhumi Bhagirathi Lottery Sambad Sunday

How to Download Today Lottery Sambad Result?

To download lottery sambad today result, kindly follow the step by step guide below.

  1. Visit our website
  2. Now check the today lottery Sambad result
  3. Click on today lottery sambad result, 8pm, 11:55 am, 4 pm
  4. Click on the button and download the lottery Sambad result

Lottery Sambad Live Result

Check all lottery sambad live results and today results on this website below.

Kerala Lottery লটারি সংবাদ Result Today

Kerala state lottery sambad result today is announced. Kerala lottery sambad is being played in India since 1967. This lotto is regular and plays every day. there are seven different names for this lotto according to each day.

Mizoram State Lottery Sambad লটারি সংবাদ Result

Mizoram state lottery sambad result today is another type of lottery sambad and it is played in the state of Mizoram. The game is similar to other state lotteries and it is also played with same lottery rules.

Rajshree Lottery Sambad

Players of lottery Sambad, there is another amazing lottery game Rajshree lottery Sambad in India. So if you are playing the lottery Sambad regularly then try this Rajshree lottery Sambad as well. You can check the result of the Rajshree lottery easily as well.

Dhankesari Lottery Sambad

Another type of lottery Sambad is the Dhankesari lottery Sambad. This type is also very famous because it is offering big money prizes for all players. Just buy one ticket and try your luck to win 1 Crore Indian rupees.
Yes, you read it right, you can win as big cash as 1 crore just spend Rs. 6 for each ticket and win big.

Aajkal Lottery Sambad

Aajkal lottery Sambad is related to Sikkim state lotteries and Nagaland state lotteries. The result is announced every day and you can check the result on our website. Get in the lottery game and check how much you can win today.
This Aajkal lottery sambad is played on a big scale and people also win big money.

Types of Lotteries Sambad

  • Aajkal Lottery Sambad
  • kerala lottery result pournami
  • win win lottery result today
  • prameya epaper
  • লটারি সংবাদ sambad epaper today
  • lottery sambad dhankesari
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  • lottery sambad bhutan
  • লটারি সংবাদ lottery sambad fax
  • download old Lottery Sambad
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  • dear honour Lottery Sambad
  • Lottery Sambad bengali
  • download live Lottery Sambad
  • download award function
  • dear affectionate Lottery Sambad
  • Lottery Sambad download night
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  • singam Vigor Lottery Sambad
  • download morning Lottery Sambad
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  • download publications private limited
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  • result download lottery result
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  • kerala lottery result dhanasree
  • Zeal lottery sambad লটারি সংবাদ
  • Institutional Finance & State Lottery
  • Nagaland state lottery result
  • লটারি সংবাদ Nagaland
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  • Rajshree Lottery Sambad
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  • Lottery Sambad night
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  • লটারি সংবাদ publications private limited
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Lottery Sambad Names Lottery Sambad Regions
Lottery Sambad West Bangel West Bengal State
Goa State Lottery Sambad Goa State
Nagaland State Lottery Sambad Nagaland State
Sikkim State Lottery Sambad Sikkim State
Lottery Sambad Live All States
Rajshree Lottery Sambad Rajshree State
Lottery Sambad Bumper All States
Mizoram State Lottery Sambad Mizoram State
Aajkal Lottery Sambad All States
Dhankesari Lottery Sambad Dhankesari State
Nagarjuna State Lottery Sambad Nagarjuna State
Lottery Sambad Bangasree Super Bangla State
Lottery Sambad Bhutan Bhutan
Lottery Sambad Bangalakshmi Lottery Bangla
Lottery Sambad Bengali Bangla
Lottery Sambad Singam Great All States
Lottery Sambad Newspaper All States
Lottery Sambad Download Aata All States
Lottery Sambad Bengali Newspaper West Bengal State

All these names and types belong to the lottery Sambad. All these lottos are very popular in the above-mentioned regions of India. You can find your lotto name from the above table of regions and lotto names.

Lottery Sambad Morning 11:55 am Draws & Prize List

Check the price of first prize of sambad winner below.

Sikkim State Lottery Sambad 1st Prize of Award
Dear Sincere Morning Lottery Sambad Rs 1 Crore
Dear Admire Morning Lottery Sambad Rs 1 Crore
Dear Respect Morning Lottery Sambad Rs 1 Crore
Dear Love Morning Lottery Sambad Rs 1 Crore
Dear Valuable Morning Lottery Sambad Rs 1 Crore
Dear Treasure Morning Lottery Sambad Rs 1 Crore
Dear Precious Morning Lottery Sambad Rs 1 Crore

Lottery Sambad Evening 4 pm Draws and Prize List

Dear participants, the price of first prize of lottery sambad evening winner is below.

Lottery Sambad Day 1st Prize of Award
Dear Banga lakshmi Raidak Lottery Sambad Rs 1 Crore
Dear Banga lakshmi Torsha Lottery Sambad Rs 1 Crore
Dear Banga lakshmi Teesta Lottery Sambad Rs 1 Crore
Dear Banga shree Ichamati Lottery Sambad Rs 1 Crore
Dear Banga shree Damodar Lottery Sambad Rs 1 Crore
Dear Banga bhumi Ajay Lottery Sambad Rs 1 Crore
Dear Banga bhumi Bhagirathi Lottery Sambad Rs 1 Crore

Results and Prizes for Lottery Sambad Night 8 PM

All participants, please check 1st result draw sambad winner price below.

Lottery Sambad Evening 1st Prize of Award
Dear Eagle Evening Lottery Sambad Rs 1 Crore
Dear Parrot Evening Lottery Sambad Rs 1 Crore
Dear Flamingo Evening Lottery Sambad Rs 1 Crore
Dear Hawk Evening Lottery Sambad Rs 1 Crore
Dear Banga shree Damodar Lottery Sambad Rs 1 Crore
Dear Vulture Evening Lottery Sambad Rs 1 Crore
Dear Falcon Evening Lottery Sambad Rs 1 Crore

About Lottery Sambad

The game of lottery was first introduced by the Chinese back in 187 BC. And the Romans were who introduced the lottery in Europe. And in the 15th century, the first ticket was sold. The early purpose of the lotteries was to reduce the financial crisis in the country.

After that, the lottery sambad started to expand all over the world. and India is one of them. Today we have a lot of lotteries sambad in India. and Lottery Sambad is one of them. However the game of lottery is for risk-taker. Win lottery sambad and enjoy.

F.A.Q about Lottery Sambad

How to see if you won the lottery Sambad?

The best way to check either you won or lose the lottery Sambad is to check lotto’s official site. In the case of Sambad, you can check it here.

When do the lottery Sambad numbers get announced?

We are ready to publish all results once they announced publically. You can check time to time on our website to get lottery numbers.

Where to check Lottery Sambad live?

There are two ways to check lottery Sambad live, one is on our website and the second is on the government’s official site of the lottery.

What is Dhankesari Lottery Result?

This is also a Nagaland lottery, which is similar to the Sambad. This lottery is also coming to draw three times a day.

Sambad Lottery Today Result Winners

Congratulations to all players who has won today. Visit our site and check the Lottery Sambad result 2021 here daily. As you can see all the draws and their results are publishing on time. The Delhi Satta King is one of the leading Satta king lottery.

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தொடரி சம்பத்

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