May 15, 2022

Aiditi Malhotra

I am a blogger and journalist by profession. I write about events, peoples, society and public affairs. As I belong to West Bengal, India so I mostly write about my regional based affairs and events.

I am currently working as a writer and journalist in a newspaper in Nagaland state, India. I love to write about my native fellows, societal cultures and traditions.

In Nagaland State, I am currently working for Lottery Sambad as a writer, this lottery is very famous in the West Bengal state and I write three times a day for the results of the lottery. The following are the times for the गली दिसावर लाटरी सम्बाद Result.

  • Sikkim State Lottery Result
  • West Bengal State Lottery Result
  • Nagaland State Lottery Result

Before getting into this field, my life faces numerous struggles and crisis. But finally, it’s all good if the end is good. Now I am a fully professional social worker and women. I am writing about my homeland, running a newspaper in Sambad and enjoying my life. I am totally satisfied with my life today.

I would like to tell you a little more in details about my life, especially in my early life.

My Passion for my Profession

In my early age, I have decided to become a novelist or a story writer. It was my passion that brings me here today I am.

I started to write when I was only thirteen. I still remember my first story that has the title “A society without a woman”. You might be surprised by the too conscious title, especially when only a thirteen years young girl is writing it, but yes, it was the first story that was flowed out from my pen.

After my first story, I started to think about it. I really get strong appreciation from my fellas and friends. My family was fully in support along with my passion, it was the point when I decided to become a novelist and a former writer.

Studies and Specialization

So after making it final to become a writer, it was the time for electing my study niche. It was necessary for me to become more skilled and polished in my passion. So I decided to become a professional in my passion. Below are the degrees I have got for my spinalization.

BA in Professional Writing (digital/technical writing) Michigan State University
2 Years Diploma in Professional Writing & Rhetoric Delhi
MA in Journalism Studies North Dakota State University
MFA in creative writing Washington University

Working Experience and Skills

I first started as a former story writing writer on a local news channel. There I wrote short articles and stories about human society, cutlers, and events of India.

After working 8 months as a writer on a news channel I was offered a job with a good salary and good post as well in a university.

It was Institute of Mass Communication Film and Television Studies in West Bengal. I teach there for 2 years and it polished my skills tremendously.

As my passion was to explore and write about things so I can’t stick with this university job anymore. In Dec 2010, I first decided to write my own blogs on the internet.

I took a domain name and a hosting and run my very first website which was on multiple niches.

I love to write so it does not matter with me to what is the topic. Writing on the web was something that pushes me forward so insanely. I wasn’t expecting the results. It was a great experience for me. My website was hitting high and high and it was very pleasant for me to watch my passion growing up so fast.

Blogging my Affection

As I mentioned many professions of mine earlier, but it was the blogging where I put a full stop and work on it consistently. Now in 2019, I am a very skilled and experienced blogger. It almost 9 years now for me as a professional blogger. I have now a 9-year experience of blogging, along with blogging I am a true expert in SEO as well. Because it was the thing for me to turn my passion into money.

I am earning very well today with my blogs and websites. It is not only for money that I love to blogging, although I really like the money as well 😉 it is my passion that makes me happy to do it, even all day. In a net shell, today I am very happy and satisfied with my profession even I feel lucky to have such an adventuring profession.

Currently, I am working on the Sambad lottery and aware of the people of India from its benefits. And guiding them to understand it.

Goals and Achievements

As a matter of fact, I think I am not a very classy writer indeed. But that’s another fact that people like my stories and writings. And that keeps me fully motivated by the way.

In my almost 10 year career, I learned and earned so much, whether its money or fame I am damn lucky to achieve it.

I would like to share some of my biggest achievements and goals that I still chasing, it is not for promoting myself, it’s for those newbies writers who want to do something big in the field of blogging. It’s the motivation for all those newcomers.

  • Nominated and winner of creative writing award at Dakota State University
  • Winner of Writer of the Year at Delhi School of Writing and Arts
  • Winner of Best Short Story writing award at Michigan State University
  • The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards Winner at Michigan College
  • Best Fiction Writing Winner at Dakota State University

These are some of my achievements for the motivation of my younger fellas. And I am still struggling for more success and rewards. It is the journey of adventurism that can’t be stopped.

I am struggling to become Oscar’s winner writer and this is my next goal. What’s yours?

Where am I Today?

I see myself succeeded, though this is my passion so I can’t be sit down and celebrate my success. My hunger keeps pushing me higher and higher. And it seems it never going to get an end.

Today I am running a media cell, a newspaper, covering too many issues in my blogs, running a charity foundation and helping new bloggers and working hard to guide them and keep them motivated.

If you have a passion for blogging, don’t waste your precious time and start today. It costs nothing but a true aim. Keep yourself motivated and positive, believe me, success will be yours. It’s a fact.

Where I want to go?

Although I am very successful now I can’t simply live my life without having adventurer and thrills. I want to explore the whole world. I want to write about the entire universe. I am very interested in the history of the world, I really enjoy to explore and write about different cultures and traditions from all around the world.

Now my aim is to wander in all over the world and visits different civilizations and societies and write about it in my papers, blogs, and sites.

The world has full of surprises and fun. Every country has its own charm and values. Discovering these kinds of stuff is really interesting and pleasant for me.

I hope one day I can write about people from all across the globe and this will be a real achievement for me.

Credit Goes to

In the end, I would like to thanks my all supports and motivators, because of them I am able to even write about me. It is their kind gestures to help and support me on every crisis and downs.

I am truly thankful to my parents, family, and teachers, who make me believe to chase my aims and goals. That’s all their prayers and love so that I am what I am today.

A very big thank to all of them, who remain I truly support through my all struggles.