Lottery Sambad Today Result 11:55 AM

Good Morning Sikkim State Lotteries players welcome to our site, we are very glad to announce that Lottery Sambad Today Result 11:55 AM has been declared. Sambad is the word from the language called Odia. It is based in India and it is a daily newspaper.

Lottery Sambad Today Result 11:55 AM


This newspaper comes from Odisha and it is widely spread in all over India. Besides of newspaper, Sambad also offering lottery in India. The lottery draws three times a day on a regular routine on website.

  • Lottery Sambad Today Result 11:55 AM
  • Lottery Sambad Today Result 04:00 PM
  • Lottery Sambad Today Result 08:00 PM

Sikkim State Lottery Result Full Week Schedule

Sikkim state lottery is announced daily at 11:55 AM. We are publishing the latest results of Lottery Sambad regularly.
Here is a full week schedule for Sikkim state lottery Sambad.

Sikkim State Lottery Name Day & Time
Sikkim State Lottery Dear Loving Morning Monday 11:55 AM
Sikkim State Lottery Dear Sincere Morning Tuesday 11:55 AM
Sikkim State Lottery Dear Faithful Morning Wednesday 11:55 AM
Sikkim State Lottery Dear Kind Morning Thursday 11:55 AM
Sikkim State Lottery Dear Tender Morning Friday 11:55 AM
Sikkim State Lottery Dear Gentle Morning Saturday 11:55 AM
Sikkim State Lottery Dear Affectionate Morning Sunday 11:55 AM

Check Dear Morning Sikkim State Lottery Result 11:55 AM

Every day there is a different dear morning lottery result announced. There are a total of seven dear morning lottery results and all these results announce one by one during the whole week, like Monday to Sunday. We are happy to announce that the Sikkim State lottery’s first or 11:55 AM result has been announced today. Today is the one another dear morning for the Sikkim state lotto. If you are here to check the live result of today’s morning then you are at surely right place. Don’t forget to check the live lotto result of morning lotto.

1st winner got 250, 0000 Indian rupees
2nd winner is awarded 9000 Indian rupees
3rd winner prize is 500 Indian rupees
4th prize winners are awarded 250 INR
5th Prize winners are awarded 150 INR

If you are the first prize winner, then we cognates you for this massive victory. You just got 25 Lakhs Indian rupees as a reward of winning Lotto.
It’s time to match your ticket numbers with the result list. Congratulations to those who have won big this morning and better luck next time for those who are still waiting to win big. Never lose hope.

Sikkim State Lottery PDF File Download and Check

Sikkim state lotto PDF is now available to download. You can check the result in PDF file format. Besides of PNG image file, we are also presenting the lotto result in PDF format. For our mobile user visitors, we have included the PDF file format for their convenience. Now you can check the result easily and firstly.

Sikkim State Lottery Result January 2023-2023

So, have you checked your lottery ticket already? If you haven’t yet, then don’t be late. Start matching your digits with the winning number list. This is the Satta King Lottery Sambad Today Result 11:55 AM and it has been announced just a few minutes ago.
You can check your numbers now, as the official result for Sambad lottery has announced already. We took the result from the government very first and upload it to our site very soon. So if you haven’t bookmarked or subscribed to our site yet, then this will probably be your loss.
Don’t forget to come back to on-site for the latest and all daily results of Sambad lottery.

F.A.Q for Sikkim State Lottery

How can I buy the Sikkim state lottery?

You need to buy a ticket for participation in the Sikkim state lottery. You can buy the lotto ticket from local bookies in Sikkim state, West Bengal and Nagaland or through the internet as well.
You can pay the ticket price with PAYTM or Payumoney as well.

How can I choose my Sikkim lottery number?

You can choose your Sikkim Lottery Number as you desire. There is no restriction about it. Just find a ticket seller in your local area and buy a ticket of your choice.

Is Sikkim lottery genuine?

The answer for is Sikkim lottery is genuine is a Big yes indeed. You can check all the legal rights and policies about this lottery on this site.


So did you win any of the lottos today? Is today lottery proves beneficial for you? If it’s a Yes, then we are happy for you and us cognates you from the core of our heart and we wish you keep winning the game always. Don’t forget to come back every day to check the Sikkim state lottery result, right here on this website.

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