Lottery Sambad Today Result 4 PM

Are you searching for West Bengal State Lottery Sambad Today Result 4 PM? You are at the very right place then. It is the 2nd draw of the day for the West Bengal lottery. And the winners are announced just a few minutes ago. We are very glad to announce that Lottery Sambad Today Result has been declared.

West Bengal State Lottery Sambad Result 4:00 PM

The Sambad newspaper has announced the results and prizes are distributed for the winners of today’s result.
As you certainly know that the lottery draws three times a day on a regular routine. These are:

  • Lottery Sambad Today Result 11:55 AM
  • Lottery Sambad Today Result 04:00 PM
  • Lottery Sambad Today Result 08:00 PM

West Bengal State Lottery Announced the 4 PM Result

We are cheerful to announce that West Bengal lottery’s 2nd or 4 PM result has been announced today.
For all lottery participants, who are waiting for the result, finally, it’s declared. And the winners got the following prizes for winning the lottery.

The 1st winner got 250, 0000 Indian rupees.
The 2nd winner is awarded 9000 Indian rupees.
3rd winner prize is 500 Indian rupees.
4th prize winners are awarded 250 INR.
5th Prize winners are awarded 150 INR.

West Bengal State Lottery Result Daily Draw Schedule

This is the day to day schedule for the west Bengal lotto, you can check each day result and even upcoming draw day and time with the help of the following table.

Have a look at this weekly draw schedule:

Lottery Day & Time Lottery Names
Sunday at 4 PM Dear Bangasree Ichamati
Monday at 4 PM Dear Bangalakshmi Teesta
Tuesday at 4 PM Dear Bangalakshmi Torsha
Wednesday at 4 PM Dear Bangabhumi Raidak
Thursday at 4 PM Dear Bangabhumi Bhagirathi
Friday at 4 PM Dear Bangabhumi Ajay
Saturday at 4 PM Dear Bangasree Damodar

Download Latest Lottery Sambad 4 PM Result

If you are the first prize champion, then we cognates you for this huge success. You just grow 25 Lakhs Indian rupees as a reward of winning Sambad lottery.
It’s time to match your ticket numbers with the result list. Congratulations to those who have won big this morning and better luck next time for those who are still waiting to win big. Never lose hope.

Have you checked your west Bengal state lottery Sambad 4 PM result already? If you haven’t yet, then don’t be dawn. Start matching your numbers with the winning number list on our website. This is the Lottery Sambad Today Result 4 PM and it has been announced just a few minutes ago.

You can check your numbers on our site and check are you the winner of the lotto, as the official result for Sambad lottery has announced already.
We took the result from the government very first and upload it to our site very rapidly. So if you haven’t bookmarked or subscribed to our site yet, so please make it now and also don’t forget to come back to on-site for the latest and all daily results of Sambad lottery.

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